Educational Outreach Concert Series

The Butler County Symphony Orchestra has a diverse Educational Outreach Program that offers students in Butler County the opportunity to interact with guest artists, orchestra members, and our conductor. Our Educational Outreach Programs are funded in part by community and business donations.

This year’s program is called, How the Orchestra Grew.

​Many great composers have contributed to the growth of the orchestra. How the Orchestra Grew focuses on the orchestra community and how every musician works together to create beautiful music. Students will be introduced to the four instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Students will learn about the important leadership role of the conductor and how the conductor helps lead the tempo and dynamics of the music. Featuring music that spans over 300 years, How the Orchestra Grew introduces students to the music of history’s finest composers, from Bach and Beethoven to jazz and movie music.

There is no cost to any of the school districts for this program.

Thank You From St. Luke’s Students!
St Luke’s students sent this thank you sign to our orchestra! The BCSO completed its 2022 Educational Concert Series the first week of November. Twenty-five musicians traveled to several Butler County schools to perform a program designed to enlighten children as to what an orchestra is all about. This program is offered free of charge to any Butler County school and is funded by kind donors who believe in music education.