Taylor Pastore – 2024 Collegiate Concerto Competition Winner

Taylor Pastore is a collegiate flutist and aspiring music educator. She has been playing the flute for over ten years. A native of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Taylor is a graduate of Canon-McMillan High School, where she earned the John Phillip Sousa award and was a member of the Tri-M Honors Society. Throughout her years in high school, she was the drum major of the Big Mac Marching Band, a member of the symphonic band, pan and percussion ensemble, and pit orchestra. Studying under Natalie West, the piccoloist of the Washington Symphony Orchestra, she has worked with the Washington Symphony Orchestra and the Washington Community Theater Pit Orchestra. Taylor currently studies music education and psychology at Slippery Rock University. She participates in many ensembles and organizations, including the orchestra and flute ensemble. She studies privately under Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich and is a member of the Slippery Rock Flute Studio and the Honors Flute Ensemble. At Slippery Rock University, she is involved in many music education organizations and events. She participates in many ensembles and organizations, including the orchestra and flute ensemble. She studies privately under Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich and is a member of the Slippery Rock Flute Studio and the Honors Flute Ensemble. At Slippery Rock University, she is involved in many music education organizations and events. This includes Early Childhood Music Education events such as Tuneful Tales, Sing Move Play, and Fiddlesticks with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. She also serves as the Fundraising Chairperson of PCMEA. She has attended many professional development workshops such as Modern Band Pedagogy, Eurhythmics, Dalcroze, and Orff. Taylor has been awarded the Kris Chaplin Memorial and Steele Terry Memorial scholarships and is an active member of the Slippery Rock Honors College and a merit scholar. She has also performed with the Pittsburgh Creator’s Project Symphonic Winds. Taylor recently won the National Flute Association’s Collegiate Flute Choir Competition and performed in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thomas Bachert – 2023 Collegiate Concerto Competition Winner

Thomas is a saxophonist and aspiring educator. From Pittsburgh, he is a graduate of North Hills High School. Bachert currently attends Slippery Rock University for Bachelor’s degrees in Saxophone Performance and Music Education. There, he is actively involved in many organizations and ensembles, including the wind ensemble and jazz ensemble. He recently performed with his saxophone quartet, the ARC Quartet, at the International Saxophone Symposium in Fairfax, Virginia. As a member of the Slippery Rock University Jazz Ensemble, he has been featured on commissioned recording projects and will be performing at various jazz festivals in Italy and France in July 2023. This is Bachert’s orchestral and soloist debut.

Past Concerto Competition Winners:

Michelle LeFevre        12/01/1979                  Viotti Violin Concerto No. 22 in A minor

Teresa Cowin              12/6/1980                    Mozart Flute Concerto No. 2

Linda Gresh                12/06/1980                  Rubenstein Piano Concerto No. 4: Mvt 1

Tawnee Bakuhn          12/05/1981                  Haydn Flute Concerto in D Major

Randall Meagher        4/20/1983                    Mozart Concerto in B flat major for Euphonium

Carla Gumpp Book     05/05/1984                  Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1

Elizabeth Tinker          4/27/1985                    Crusell Clarinet Concerto in F minor

David Conner              04/26/1986                  Kuka Concerto for Marimba

Karen Ord                   05/02/1987                  Griffes Poem for Flute

Michael Stanton          04/01/1989                  Haydn Concerto for Trumpet

Jeffrey Stock               03/31/1990                  Vivaldi Concerto for Sopranino Recorder

Jenny Rose Spence   11/03/1990                  Ten Year Old Violinist- Family Concert

Zara Kenjebulatova     05/02/1992              Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No. 1

Jason Park                  10/31/1992                  Greig Piano Concerto Mvt 1

Jodie Lynne Coyle      03/19/1994                  Greig Piano Concerto in A minor

Benjamin Smith          11/05/1994                  Copland “Old American Songs” Family Concert

Erica Saley                  03/16/1996                  Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto #4 in D minor

Angela Schehr  &       11/02/1996                  Cimarosa Concerto in G major for two flutes
Stephanie Crouch

David H. Kennedy       05/02/1998                  Arias by Puccini, Giordano and Mozart

Lauren A. Sparrow      11/07/1998                  Lalo Cello Concerto in D minor

Megan McCoy             03/25/2000                  Arutiunian Concerto for Trumpet

Matthew Shaffer          03/17/2001                  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 1, mvt 1

Aaron Patterson          3/16/2002                    Scaramouche for Alto Saxophone – Milhaud

Ross Snyder               3/22/2003                    Barber Concerto for Violin Op. 14 mvt 1

Glenna Marie Cypher 03/20/2004               Puccini & Donizetti soprano arias

Camille O’Connor        3/19/2005                   Bizet “Carmen” two arias for mezzo-soprano

Cassandra                     03/18/2006                 Cimarosa Concerto in G major for two flutes
Rondinelli & Sarah Crouch

Edward Leonard         03/17/2007                  Conducting Schumann Overture 2 mvts

Andrew Ho                  03/15/2008                  Saint-Saens Intro & Rondo Capriccioso for Violin

Justin Ryan                 03/14/2009                  Claude Smith “Fantasia” for Alto Saxophone

Michel Tsang              03/13/2010                  Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 1 mvt 1

Tom Mahovski            03/12/2011                  Wilby Concerto for Euphonium 2 mvts

Hanna Che                  03/10/2012                  Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 1 mvt 1

Kylee O’Donnell        03/09/2013                  Chaminade Concerto for Flute

Sophia S. Lee             03/08/2014                  Gliere Concerto for Harp in E Flat Major

Sarah Hetrick              04/11/2015                  Maurice “Tableaux de Provence” Alto Sax

Nathaniel Chen           04/09/2016                Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major mvt 1

Angela Renninger      04/08/2017                Tomasi Concerto for Alto Saxophone

Enoch Hsiao               04/14/2018                  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2

Ellary Mede                 03/02/2019                Songs by Handel, Mozart and Gershwin

Justin Choo                 03/07/2020               Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, Rachmaninoff

Calista Heidkamp      03/06/2021              Concertino op. 107 by Cecile Chaminade

Emma Kim                  03/05/2022               Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 1 mvt 1

Thomas Bachert         03/04/2023               Jacques Ibert: Concertina de Camera

Taylor Pastore            03/02/2024               Albert Perilhou: Ballade for flute