2015-2016 Season Donor Listing

The Grand Circle is a special group of people, companies or organizations who realize the importance of the Butler County Symphony Orchestra and its contribution to the arts in the county. Single ticket sales provide less than half of the Orchestra’s finances. These donors are distinguished because they are the backbone of the symphony, helping to continue the Orchestra’s existence. Thanks to the Grand Circle, parts of the orchestra or programs are underwritten. This season’s distinguished list is:


Symphony Circle


Robert Heaton – The Logan Family Trust

Harold & Janice Larrick


Conductor’s Circle


The McGuirk Family In Memory of Bob McGuirk

Charles Norton

Charles & Ruth Stitt


Platinum Baton


James & Jeanette Cunningham

Merab Drennen

Carol Tillotson


Gold Baton


Bruce & Carol Ball

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Getze

Robert & Gail Hunter

Mr.& Mrs. Dan Kos

David Lloyd

Kay McCandless

Richard & Judith McCandless

Ed & Julie Natali

Ronald & Barbara McKissick

Jean Purvis

Mrs. Jane Rittelmann

James & Cynthia Sweeney

Edward & Judith Wadding

Marie Yingling

Rev. Frederick Young in Memory of Kathleen Young


Silver Baton


James Barbara

Corita Bauldoff

Mr. & Mrs. Giovanni Caputi

Scott & Lee Dittman

Connie Downs

Pearl E. Fannin-Walker

Marvin & Maggie Gall

Dr. Hung Chi Ho

Robert & Shirley Horner

Mrs. Charine Hovanec

Cynthia Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Kleemann

Phillip & Robin Kriley

Mr. David Lloyd

Edgar & Janet McGee

Charles McMichael, Jr.

Mary Ellen Millen

Mrs. Shirley Roe

Harry Savisky

Marcia Seagraves

Jay Shaffer

Bruce & Megan Smith

Anthony & Patricia Stagno

Deborah Ward

Dr. Robert & Mrs. Barbara Wheatall



August & Rosemarie Badali

Richard & Audrey Bartoski

Marilyn Beatty

Kenneth & Cathy Bronder

Mary Brooks

Donna Bryan

Jeffrey & Patricia Calta

Jon Campbell

Niki & Dan Campbell

Ms. Barbara Cary

Clinton & Cathy Champagne

Wayne & Barbara Conley

George & Peggy Dean

Lorry Donaldson

Peggy Drake

Donna Esper

Helen Ferguson

Charles & Patricia Flach

Carole Fruehstorfer

Gregory Haughey

Connie Haswell

Dan & Kay Heineman

Rosemary Heitzer

Bob & Dot Hoffman

Leona Howard

Patricia Imbrogno

William Keelan

Ann Kirk

Brian Knapp

Albert & Marlene Lacanic

Robert & Rosalie Leri

Bill & Irene McCarrier

Charles & Ruthann McChesney

Virginia McClelland

Gary McCoy

Michele McGinnis

Tim & Sharyn McMaster

Nicholas & Elaine Minto

Janice Naidus

Jim & Nancy Neely

Pamela Patterson

William & Maxine Rapp

Robert Rectenwald

Arthur Richards

Herb & Ruth Richards

Vincent & Claudette Sanzotti

Regis Schiebel

Ed & Grace Shields

Rosemarie Smith

Janice & Chester Spohn

Renee Spohn

Donna Steinheiser

Robert & Patricia Stock

John Stokes

Joseph & Rose Stumpf

Sandra Thomas

Alex & Anne Thomson

Lenora Vavro

Doug & Kimberly Vensel

Marilyn Vowinckel

Jane Walker

Ruth Warheit

Cindy Webreck

Wil & Agnes Widenhofer

Esther Wilson

Louise Yates

Mary Ann Yurkovich

Nancy Zadernak


Our donors are our lifeblood as our ticket sales only cover about 30% of our expenses.

We thank our corporate and individual donors for their continued support.