70th Anniversary Celebration

On September 14th, 2018 the Butler County Symphony Association hosted a dinner at the Butler Country Club in celebration of the Butler County Symphony Orchestra’s 70th season. 

Decorations were provided by the Friends of the Symphony, an auxiliary group of the Butler County Symphony Association. 

Guests included current and past Board members, musicians, patrons, donors and many more who were excited to celebrate the symphony.

Evening Program

  • Master of Ceremonies – Charles McMichael, Board Member
  • Brief Introduction of this year’s Honorees; Janice Larrick, Charles Norton and the Butler Area School District 
  • Anniversary Dinner & Dessert – background music provided by the Strolling Strings. 
  • Welcome – Patricia Stagno, Board President
  • Maestros Remarks – Matthew Kraemer, Music Director 
  • Presentation of Awards to the 2018 Honorees 
  • Closing Remarks – Judith Wadding, 70th Anniversary Celebration Chair 
Program provided by Maxine Rapp, member of the Friends of the Symphony

70th Anniversary Committees

AWARDS COMMITTEE: Ed Wadding (Ch.) Patty Stagno, Charlie Stitt & Judy Wadding

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE: Ginny Netchi(Ch.) Ed Wadding,Ed Natali, Patty Stagno

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Chelynne Curci-Lang, (Ch.) &.:Ron McKissick

INVITATION COMMITTEE: Barb McKissick(Ch.), Patty Stagno

MARKETING COMMITTEE: Chelynne Curci-Lang (Ch.)

DECORATION COMMITTEE: Cathy Champagne (Ch.) Peggy Tonini, Edie Karns, Marge Bankert & Beverly Olenic

PROGRAM BOOKLET; Maxine Rapp (Ch.) Terry Steighner, Sue Morrow & Chuck McMichael

DINNER/COCKTAIL HOUR PLANNING; Judy Wadding (Ch.) Terry Steighner & Hollie Stevenson

DONATIONS/SPONSORS: Ed Wadding (Ch.) Charlie Stitt, Clint Champagne & Chelynne Curci-Lang

Back: Music Director Matthew Kraemer and Board President Patricia Stagno
Front (left to right): Dr. Brian White (BASD), Janice Larrick and Charles Norton 

Featured Below: Pages from the program for the evening including write-ups on each honoree, history of the symphony, past conductors and a list of event sponsors. 

SPECIAL THANKS: To Fred Vero for photographing the event. Check out more of his work at http://www.fredverophotography.com/

The Butler County Symphony Association would like to thank all people and organizations that were involved in making this special event a wonderful success. Thank you. 

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